Plugging Leaky Campaigns One Broken Link at a Time

by Emma | October 23, 2015
AdWords broken link check
Is this what your customer was looking for?

If you’re paying per click, you need to know that that click is landing where it should. When it comes to AdWords, a few broken links, warnings in the 300s and irrelevant content is all it takes to push your PPC spend through the roof. Designed to help businesses like yours get the very best return on their investment, AdChecker features a number of handy tricks that aim to put a stop to leaky campaigns and skyrocketing costs.

AdChecker Set to Make Online Marketing 'A Snap'

by Emma | October 1, 2015

For everyone who’s ever scratched their head at an Adwords report or money drained from their account through gaps they couldn’t find, there comes a new startup to revolutionize the online marketing landscape (and restore our sanity).

Meet the AdChecker team
Meet the AdChecker team

The brainchild of Job Wiegant, this new concept makes light work of online advertising. Created to help business get the most sales leads for their investment (regardless of how well they speak the AdWords lingo) AdChecker is an innovation that every manager, marketer and business owner will be happy to get behind.

Spot money drains in your AdWords account.