AdChecker Set to Make Online Marketing 'A Snap'

by Emma | October 1, 2015

For everyone who’s ever scratched their head at an Adwords report or money drained from their account through gaps they couldn’t find, there comes a new startup to revolutionize the online marketing landscape (and restore our sanity).

Meet the AdChecker team
Meet the AdChecker team

The brainchild of Job Wiegant, this new concept makes light work of online advertising. Created to help business get the most sales leads for their investment (regardless of how well they speak the AdWords lingo). AdChecker is an innovation that every manager, marketer and business owner will be happy to get behind.

Starting life as a simple dashboard, AdChecker was initially designed to help clients take control of their online marketing campaigns. A few added user-friendly elements later – a valid final URL check for one –

and Job realized he had a solution to the clunky, hard-to-manage AdWords interface on his hands.

Enlisting a couple of gurus in AdWords advertising from his native Netherlands, Job created case studies. Armed only with AdChecker, he succeeded in turning around the fortunes of businesses from a cross-section of industries, reinvigorating their online performance whether they thought they needed it or not. These success stories were enough to get him noticed and helped garner the support of external investors, paving the way for the launch of the final, international version of AdChecker.

AdChecker customizable dashboard
AdChecker customizable dashboard

Polished to a gleam, and promising to make plugging gaps in your AdWords account a snap, AdChecker marks a new page in the evolution of online marketing. It gives business owners, managers and marketers the freedom to effectively manage their online performance. It delivers more sales leads at better returns thanks to its easy to understand reports and metrics that can be read at a glance. Without the need for in-depth training, and with built-in expert support only a click away, AdChecker is set to save businesses a small fortune in online marketing.

Nevertheless, getting this far wasn’t easy. Job is the first to admit that simplifying the complex AdWords metrics was no mean feat. It took time to boil these overworked measures down and transform them into readable presentations that his clients could analyze in seconds. He can take heart from the fact that every client who signs up to AdChecker, at its launch and in the future, will be immensely grateful for his painstaking approach and attention to detail. With a customized dashboard that can be easily shared by multiple users, the ability to set performance targets and graphs that clearly show how close you are to achieving those goals, AdChecker is the perfect companion for large and small businesses alike.

Simplifying every aspect of the online marketing process, it guarantees control over spending and can be used to directly manage AdWords accounts, without the need to be constantly signing in to one or the other. By understanding exactly what businesses need to achieve from their online marketing activities, streamlining AdWords and providing a host of results-orientated tools, Job has succeeded in creating one hell of an effective product. His AdChecker means that anyone can maximize ROI and dramatically reduce the cost of acquiring new leads within moments of signing up – without wasting months learning how to charm a fractious AdWords.

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