Plugging Leaky Campaigns One Broken Link at a Time

by Emma | October 23, 2015
AdWords broken link check
Is this what your customer was looking for?

If you’re paying per click, you need to know that that click is landing where it should. When it comes to AdWords, a few broken links, warnings in the 300s and irrelevant content is all it takes to push your PPC spend through the roof. Designed to help businesses like yours get the very best return on their investment, AdChecker features a number of handy tricks that aim to put a stop to leaky campaigns and skyrocketing costs.

Advertise on AdWords and you’ll have to enter a final URL, the destination that anyone who clicks on your advert lands on. If the link is broken from the get-go, then AdWords will flash an error, you’ll fix it and your advert will work perfectly. However, if over time the URL changes (HTTP to HTTPS, anyone?) or you remove the page, then you run the risk of paying for an advert that leads nowhere. Google’s big on user experience, so it will track down these errors eventually, but in the meantime you’re still spending money without hope of a return.

AdWords URL Check
AdChecker checks every URL

AdChecker is all about making your Adwords campaigns as efficient and effective as possible. Designed to provide the very best return on your investment, AdChecker ensures you don’t pay for broken links that can’t, by their very definition, convert. With the ability to automatically detect 3, 4 and 500 errors as they occur, this innovative service puts an end to directionless links and invisible leaks in your campaign spend.

Google is clever enough to detect pages that don’t serve content relevant to your advert, which can tank your quality score and lead to your advert getting suspended altogether. Establish a custom URL or content tag with AdChecker, and you’ll receive a warning if the content on your page drifts from that of your advert.

Take direct actions in AdWords
Take immediate action

It might sound far-fetched (because you know exactly what’s on your landing page, right?), but it’s easier than you think to lose track of what your adverts are promising. You wouldn’t be the first bicycle shop owner to keep paying for traffic in search of a ‘red bike’ long after yours are out-of-stock. By providing warnings if adverts link to sold-out items, this handy feature from AdChecker means you can suspend adverts quickly and easily, and avoid paying for clicks that will never convert into sales.

Of course, being rather intuitive and a little bit clever, AdChecker doesn’t just stop there. You can set content tags for anything you like, not just out-of-stock products. Category searches that return no hits, jobs that go unfound, any content or error message a customer would be disappointed to see, AdChecker can alert you to. If you’re renting out apartments in London, for example, it pays to advertise your nicest one – right up until it becomes fully booked and unavailable. Set a tag for ‘not available’ and AdChecker will flag the URL up as a problem as soon as that apartment becomes fully booked, so you can change your advert and divert your paid traffic to an apartment with more availability. How clever is that?!

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