The short way to success with AdWords

Campaign overview
Our dashboard provides an elegant summary of all pieces of information that matters for profitability of your ad campaigns. It shows you which parameters can be improved to make your advertising more effective.
Custom dashboard
To adjust AdChecker to your niche market and management style, you can include any AdWords data you want, and exclude any data you don't want in your dashboard. As a result, you get a better focus on what makes your advertising profitable.
Keyword insights
AdChecker enables you to separate those keywords in Google AdWords that make you money from those that cost you money. It enables you to direct your ad spend only to profitable keywords, and drive more customers your way within the same budget.
URL check
By automatically checking your AdWords ads for broken URLs and links to pages with out-of-stock items, AdChecker helps you avoid paying for clicks that can't be converted into customers by definition, so you only pay for those clicks that generate new business.
Goals & targets
To achieve your long-term goals and short-term targets, AdChecker provides a graphical representation of your progress so you can see how close you are to where you want to be, and make adjustments if necessary.
Following our mission of removing the complexities from AdWords, we construct your reports from easily digestible information, so that it makes sense to any of your peers, no matter of their level of online marketing knowledge.
Action buttons
With the included functionality to pause unprofitable keywords and inappropriate URLs directly from the convenience of AdChecker interface, there's no need to log in to AdWords every time to prevent unnecessary expenses.
To always keep your AdWords account in good standing, we continuously monitor it for money drains and other setbacks. When AdChecker finds something, you get an instant notification, so you can act accordingly.
Progress visualization
To make your progress apparent to the eye, we've included a feature that enables you to compare your recent performance with a historical time interval. This way you can clearly see how much progress you make in managing your AdWords account more effectively.
Multiple users
With the ability to share your AdChecker dashboard and reports with your peers, our platform encourages effective and transparent collaboration between multiple users, and enables you to provide your colleagues the tools they need.
Cost management
When you think of it, Google is interested in you spending as much money as possible with them. AdChecker is quite the opposite, it enables you to drive more new customers your way within the same ad budget.
Help & support
AdChecker is cleverly designed from the ground up to be the most intuitive AdWords management platform in existence. To provide you strong support every step of your way as you manage your ad campaigns better, quick help is available straight from the dashboard.
Spot money drains in your AdWords account.